Thursday, November 5, 2020

Would Women Feel More Comfortable With a Guy Giving HIS Number, Rather Than Ask for Their Number?

Ladies, would a guy asking you for your phone number make you nervous and uncomfortable?  Most of you might respond with a resounding, "YES!" If you're interested or attracted to a guy, you could still feel uneasy trusting him by giving him your phone number. This issue could also cause you to feel pressured about how to handle the situation.

I know that confident men make the first move and will be eager to give you their number. However, there are times when they'll ask for your number.

As a woman, I would prefer if the guy gave me his phone number. This makes it more convenient for me to decide if I should contact him to have regular phone conversations or for us to text each other. The way we communicate on the phone could be a good sign that we could start a relationship. On the other hand, if I don't think he's worth pursuing or if we don't have things in common, I can always throw the phone number away. No-fuss.

There are also rude SOBs, who will practically force you to take their number or for you to give them your phone number! I've had bad experiences dealing with these pushy, annoying creeps. Giving a guy a fake number is essential. I would encourage you to do this to avoid terrible situations with these emotionally unstable, lames. It is known that women have been attacked, stalked, and even threatened for rejecting creeps. I've heard so many horror stories about the outcome of rejecting creeps. 

Remember, these dudes have fragile egos, so giving them a fake number could prevent a situation from escalating. 

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