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Ladies, How Long Would You Wait for a Proposal? 

Ladies, How Long Would You Wait for a Proposal? 

This is a common question that I come across all the time online. My answer is, you should wait at least one year and eight months to determine if the man you're with is worthy of your time. I've also known people to live many years together without being married. You should keep in mind that every relationship is different and couples will have their own reasons for wanting to get married or to live together without marriage.

Mind you, some men usually propose within six months or sooner. 

Keep reading to determine how long you should wait for your man to pop the big question.

Have a Discussion

Is your man telling you that he wants to be with you forever? You should be certain that your man is not stringing you along and making you waste your precious time. You and he should be on the same page.

The waiting game can cause you to feel stressed out and this could also affect the health of your relationship. So, you should have this discussion with your man. This is the easiest way for you to know what his intentions are. Your man should be ready to be open and honest with you. He should also show interest in making plans with you. Make a note of the way he responds to your questions and if he seems eager to put a ring on your finger.

Think About Your Age

Would you love to have children and want to be married before starting a family? Your age is an important factor for you to consider. If you're in your thirties, you could feel the strong urge to get married, have children, and live a happy life. You don't want to waste your reproductive years with a man whose goals are not aligned with yours. So, if your mindset is to get married and have children while you're still fertile, you should give your man a timeline to propose. It's not fair for you to be stuck with a man for 10 years or longer without a ring on your finger. 

Get to Know Each Other

Waiting at least a year or longer should give you enough time to learn more about your man. This gives you enough time to learn about each other's goals, values, beliefs, and background. If you're a good judge of character, you will have a good feeling that he's the ideal man you want in your life. The longer you spend with each other, the easier it is for him to feel encouraged to propose to you.

Don't Try to Change Him

Is your man marriage-minded? Don't try to change your man's mindset if he doesn't have the intention of marrying you. You should get with a man who wants the same things that you desire. If your man does not show any signs of wanting to marry, you should end the relationship.

Is He Mr. Right?

So, ladies how long would you wait for a proposal? Men will waste  your time if you allow it. Putting a ring on your finger should not be an issue for your man. A man always knows if you're wife material or someone they want to use and discard later on.

Your man should be excited to propose to you if he values your company and can't live without you. You may need to think about moving on if he's dragging his feet or showing signs of not being committed to you. Remember ladies, you're the prize and should be treated like one.

Please leave comments. I would love to hear your feedback on this important topic. 

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