Monday, April 5, 2021

Never Give Your All to a Man

Always try to protect your body and mind. The best freedom you have is to love yourself and to have independence. Don't lose yourself in a man!

Never love a man more than he loves you! Your relationship might not last long if you have more feelings for your partner than he has for you. Putting your all into the relationship does not mean that he will reciprocate.

 You should not have to sacrifice yourself or let yourself go when you're in a relationship.

What are some things that you should never give up for a man?





your identity

self respect

your career and dreams

If he's not expressing his love freely, then he's probably not the right guy for you. So, don't stress yourself out or try to beg him to love you. Don't let him treat you like you're not special or worthy of his time.  Instead, you should focus on yourself. Find some free time to pamper yourself at the spa and reconnect with your feminine energy. You can also surround yourself with positive energy from your friends and family members.

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