Friday, October 2, 2020

What are Some Signs That a Shy Guy Likes You?

What are some signs that a shy guy likes you? Do you know a cute guy that can't seem to stop staring at you? A shy guy might be intimidated by your beauty and lack the social skills to communicate his feelings with you. Besides, he will be too fearful to risk getting a rejection from you. He could be sending you subtle signals that you're not aware of. 

A shy guy is not going to come straight out and reveal his feelings to you. You could be waiting forever for him to ask you for your phone number. Remember, these guys are not aggressive, so it's up to you to figure things out. 

Here are some signs that a shy guy likes you.

He Looks Away

Shy guys are uncomfortable making eye contact. So, if you try to make eye contact with him, he will quickly look away. He will also look nervous or seem embarrassed that you caught him staring at you. This is a sign that he likes you, but too uncomfortable to approach you. Shy guys are unable to work up the courage to look women they find attractive straight in the eyes.

He'll do anything to avoid your direct gaze. A shy guy will usually focus on something besides looking at you. He might take a sudden interest in checking his phone, speaking to another person, or even look at another woman. 

He Stares From a Distance

Shy guys have a natural fear of approaching women, so they will stare from a distance. This is a way for them to feel less self-conscious and to feel comfortable admiring you from afar. The guy staring at you could be a decent guy who likes you, but he could also be a creep. For this reason, you should be aware of your surroundings whether you're at college, work, shopping mall, bar, or other places. 

  Does he keep staring at you or following you? If this is your situation, you'll need to think about contacting the authorities just to be on the safe side. If the creepy guy keeps following you, don't hesitate to call for help. A shy guy liking you can be extremely frustrating because you're not sure if he's completely harmless or has malicious intentions. Follow the right safety measures when you're out and about.

He'll Blush

Do you see a pink flush on his cheeks? He's quick to blush like a teenager when he likes you. If you try talking to him, blushing will be his normal reaction. Pay attention to his body language when you're talking to him. It's hard for him to hide his attraction to you and he will act clumsy or blush when you're around him.

Learn How to Know if He's Smitten With You

There's so much male psychology that women should learn about. At some point in your life, you may have to deal with a shy guy and will need to know how to react to the situation. If you're attracted to a shy guy, try being polite and striking up a conversation. He might smile at you when you're talking to him. This means he likes you and may have an interest in dating you.

A timid guy is verbally challenged. So, you should try to be understanding and give him time to ask you out. 

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