Saturday, November 4, 2023

6 Online Dating Safety Tips that You Must Know

Nowadays, finding a great partner does not have to become a time-consuming or overwhelming process. Online dating is a great solution and has become one of the most popular ways for single people to find love. Online dating platforms provide such convenience for single women to take their time to find the perfect match with a man.

However, before you jump on dating sites to start searching for your ideal partner, you must consider your safety. Here are six online dating safety tips that you must know.

Security Softwares

You need assurance that your computer or laptop has the best security system to keep your online information safe. Your digital devices can be vulnerable to phishing attacks, viruses, ransomware, and other dangerous issues. Consider installing antivirus, antimalware, and other types of software that will protect your online data on dating sites.

Choose a Reputable Site

Use a reputable online dating site that makes you feel comfortable. Some of these include, eHarmony, Tinder, and Bumble. These sites give you the confidence that your personal information is protected and help you to feel at ease communicating with people.

Background Checks

For your online dating safety, perform a background check on the man that you want to meet. You want to confirm that the man you’re meeting does not have a criminal history. So, you must check to find out if he had past convictions, a history of violent behaviors against women, and other issues. If you have the person’s information, you can easily perform an online background search for a small fee.

Tell Friends

If you’re meeting someone, always tell your friends where you’re going. You should also tell them when they can expect you to return from your date.

Public Dating

Never meet at a person’s home for your first date. It's safer to meet at a public place such as a bar, restaurant, art gallery, coffee shop, and other public spaces. Meeting in a public place takes the stress off your shoulders and makes it easier for you to get more acquainted with the person.

No Alcohol

Your date should never pressure you into drinking alcohol. Drinking can cause you to lose too much focus on your date and prevents you from having a good interaction with your date. So, you must consider alcohol-free options. For a first-time date, you can also choose venues that don’t involve alcohol. These may include taking a cooking class, going to the movies, going for a city tour, going out for desserts, or visiting a museum.

Get Started on Your Road to Romance!

Following safety rules is critical whether you’re using an online dating service or app. Always follow your instincts when you’re dating online and get to learn more about the men first before meeting them in public. If someone makes you uncomfortable, you can block or report them.

Friday, October 6, 2023

Three Reasons Men Must Consider Big Beautiful Women Dating Online

Big beautiful women dating online is something you must consider if you’re a single male. According to Pew Research Center, more than 61% of men are currently single and looking for a date or relationship. This statistic is also compared with 38% of single women. Dating for men can be overwhelming and even frustrating when they are having a challenging time connecting with the right woman.

You should be aware that big, beautiful women are gaining much popularity on dating sites. Here are a few good reasons why some men would consider dating a beautiful voluptuous woman.

They’re Friendly

Let it be known that not all beautiful women are stuck up, but you may have encountered a few during your dating experiences. Men love to meet women that are friendly and easy to talk to. So, there is a good chance that you could find a voluptuous woman who is affable and puts a smile on your face. Keep in mind that women you meet might not be stuck-up, but very shy or have a boyfriend.

Love to Cook

If you’re looking for a woman who loves to cook, your best bet is to find a chubby girl who enjoys cooking or trying new, healthy dishes. You will also have a fun time taking her out to your favorite restaurants where you can wine and dine with her.

Cuddly and Romantic

Are you the type of guy that loves affection? It is known that big, beautiful women love to cuddle and are affectionate to their partners. When you’re cuddling, there’s more for you to hold on to and she will be more than happy to return your romantic gestures.

Get the Beautiful Plus-Sized Woman that You Desire

Dating the opposite sex should not have to be an uphill battle for men who are interested in meeting the right woman. Big, beautiful women are always available to provide men with lots of love. This is a wonderful demographic of women that men should consider if they’re looking for something new and different.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

How to Date When You’re Overweight

How to date when you’re overweight could be a common question running through your mind if you’re fearful about the dating scene. Fortunately, so many men are always interested in voluptuous women and eager to date.

Some men love to date bigger women because they are beautiful, charming, great conversationalists, bubbly, and possess other attributes that men can’t resist. As a big, beautiful woman, there are tips that you can keep in mind if you want to find a partner that you feel is a good match for you. Here’s how to find a great date when you’re overweight.

Online Dating

Big, beautiful women can try online dating at, which gives you the convenience to interact with thousands of big handsome men. is a reputable platform used by almost 2.1 billion adults around the world! This dating service specializes in helping to connect big beautiful single women with a quality partner. Read more to learn about how you can find long-term relationships, friendships, and even marriage at

Dress Appropriately

Wearing the right clothing that’s suitable for your size makes you feel comfortable on your dates and increases your confidence. So, make sure you show off your sense of style when you’re out mixing and mingling with men.

Show Off Personality

Whether you’re single or overweight, you must always avoid speaking negatively about yourself and focus more on being positive. Having a positive personality makes it easier for you to make connections with people and build healthy relationships.

Get Started On Your BBW Dating Now

If you're a curvy, single woman, there’s no need for you to have jitters when you want to go out and meet people. Online Dating does not have to be scary when you're not a pencil-thin model. Follow the simple tips mentioned in this post to find a potential partner online and put your best foot forward.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

How Much Eye Contact is Too Much on a First Date?

Some relationship gurus believe that a person's eye contact should be no longer than four to five seconds. Gazing at your partner for a longer time during your first date can be extremely uncomfortable. Gazing also makes you seem creepy or strange. 

Eye contact is a great way for you to communicate with the person you're dating. This is non-verbal communication that you can use to your advantage. So, if you're a shy or nervous person, this is a social skill that you should practice before you go on your first date.  The more you practice, the more relaxed and confident you will feel when you're interacting with men you're dating.

Monday, April 24, 2023

What are Some Fun Things to do On a First Date in New York City When it is Raining?

Consider these top 10 activities that you can do with your date when it's raining in New York City.

Go to these places:

1. Bowlero Chelsea Piers

2. Laser Bounce

3. National Museum of Mathematics

4. Painting Lounge

5. New York Hall of Science

6. One World Observatory

7. Rooftop Films

8. Create an Indoor Picnic

9. Cook a Cuisine Together

10. Snuggle Up on a Sofa and Read Together

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Romance Book Review: Royal Mistress by Anne Easter Smith

Publisher: Touchstone

Publication Date: May 2013

ISBN: 978-1451648621

Reviewed by: M.A. Thomas From Feathered Quill

Review Date: May 2013

Ms. Anne Smith's latest historical novel, Royal Mistress is an intriguing story that is composed of a series of events that occurred in the fifteenth century. Jane Lambert is portrayed as a beautiful, kindhearted young lady who has a magnetism that attracts men. However, despite her beauty and intelligence, she is still unmarried at the age of twenty-two.

Due to her flirtatious nature with men, her father, John Lambert, who is a mercer of London, is concerned about protecting her reputation and his good name. He is determined to find her a suitable husband. Unbeknown to him, Jane was attracted to Thomas Grey, the Marquess of Dorset. Although her heart belongs to another, she is forced to marry an impotent and older merchant, William Shore. During her loveless and boring marriage, she remained hopeful of finding true love. Her attractiveness is soon observed by the king’s chamberlain, Will Hastings. He is captivated by her charm and mentions her to his friend, King Edward IV, who has an insatiable appetite for women.

After seven years as his mistress, Jane assumed the king would become bored of her. On the contrary, she had the strongest effect on Edward. Although he had numerous mistresses, Jane remained his favorite. With her at his side, he discovers love and happiness. However, this is short-lived.

As a result of Edward’s endless indulgence in sensual pleasures and his failure to continue being the powerful leader of his country, catastrophic events occur and affect the life of Jane and William Hastings. After Edward’s death, his younger brother Richard III became the new head of the monarchy. He is intent on amending Edward’s immoral court. Jane will have to use her intellect to survive the ordeal in which she is suddenly placed.

Ms. Anne Easter Smith is very talented in writing historical fiction novels that are accurately researched and realistic. As dramatic events unfold in Royal Mistress, readers are drawn into the compelling tale of life in the court of Edward IV.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

How to Get Rid of Your Negative Energy

Did you know that your negative energy can ruin every single relationship? 

Single ladies looking for a serious relationship will need to improve their attitude and the negative energies they have. Our thoughts are powerful and can attract all types of negative energies. If we are filled with positive thoughts or good thoughts about everything then positive energy will come our way.

There are many ways for you to determine that you're carrying around negative energy.

Negative energy can make you feel restless, it can interfere with your sleep patterns, you'll feel anxious, and it can also cause you to have bad, toxic relationships. Negativity also drains your energy and prevents you from feeling normal.

Therefore, you should think of effective strategies to help you get rid of negative energies in your life.

If you're surrounded by negative energies try these techniques:

reorganize your home and office to restore positive energy in your environment.

practice different yoga techniques to calm your mind.

bring nature into your home by decorating it with live, fresh plants. Plants have positive energies and will improve your mentality.

engage in various physical activities to improve circulation in your body and to restore your mind.

Learn more pathways to remove negative energy from your mind and body.

6 Online Dating Safety Tips that You Must Know

Nowadays, finding a great partner does not have to become a time-consuming or overwhelming process. Online dating is a great solution and ha...