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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Men Using Dating Apps Please Please Please Put a Picture of You Smiling

Ladies, how many times do you overlook a man's dating profile because he had an angry look on his face? Most women will agree that a non-smiling picture is a great turn-off. 

According to former Tinder and Bumble sociologist, Jess Carbino, "Smiling makes a significant difference in the number of swipes you get." So, men, if you're wondering why you're not getting attention from women using online dating apps, the reason could be simple. You're not smiling. 

Online dating apps provide a modern and convenient way for people from all backgrounds to make a connection, have conversations, go on dates, and find romance. However, you could be making crucial mistakes when you're  using these dating apps.

Today we will discuss 3 reasons men using dating apps need a picture of them smiling.

1. Your Profile Stands Out

Women are likely to skip over your profile if they come across a serious profile. Smiling makes you stand out in your dating profile picture. If you're  not smiling, women will think you're haughty or unapproachable. They might also think that you're not worth the effort if you have an angry look on your face. It is a known fact that women are always drawn to dating profiles with attractive, smiling men. A friendly smile goes a long way and makes it easier for you to connect with a woman who might be interested in dating you. 

You can practice smiling if it makes you feel awkward. This helps you to take a natural picture that you can use for your dating profile.

2. You Look Happy

Did you know that a smiling face is associated with happiness and youth? Your facial expression can put other people in a positive or negative mood. So, if you're dating online, you should be certain that you have the right facial expression. A happy, smiling face makes women gravitate to your profile. 

Don't take a profile picture when you're having a bad day or not in the mood to smile. Try to think of something funny or watch a funny comedy that makes you laugh. This is a technique that you can use to have a natural smile when you're taking a picture. 

3. You Look More Handsome

A sunny smile has a dramatic impact on your appearance. You will look more handsome if you're smiling in your dating photo. If you want more swipes, this is an improvement you will need to make for your profile picture. Your scowl could be the main issue that's preventing you from making a good connection with someone. 

Research has also shown that women are more likely to remember a man based on their profile picture. So, a nice smile is a wonderful feature that you can use to your advantage.

What If You Don't Like Your Smile?

If you're too embarrassed to smile because of your dental flaws, you should consider getting help from a cosmetic dentist. Whether you have crooked, discolored, or damaged teeth, you can have these flaws improved by a quality cosmetic professional. Cosmetic dentistry can help you to have a youthful appearance, you'll get a self-esteem boost, better dental health, and you'll also have the perfect smile that women love. 

Smiling is contagious and could make women swarm around you. 

Wishing you love, happiness, and romance!

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