Saturday, February 13, 2021

Oprah Winfrey Network: Put a Ring on it Tv Show - Ashley Announces Breakup From Hollywood on IG Live

I'm not the least bit surprised that Ashley from the Opera Winfrey Network:"Put a Ring on it Tv show" announced her breakup from Hollywood. I've been watching this reality show from the first episode and I was automatically hooked. This show is interesting due to the premise of having couples date other people and to find out if they're with the right person. Having couples on the show date other people is also a tempting way for them to break up from their current relationships.

Ashley stood out the most to me because she's been with her guy for 9 whole years without a commitment of marriage! Initially, Hollywood called off the marriage and their relationship seemed to drag on for nine years. Hollywood calling off the marriage caused a huge rift in their relationship, which Ashely didn't seem to bounce back from. I also think she could have lost interest in Hollywood. 

During the show, Ashley dated several cute guys, but the one that impressed her the most was  Kwame. I believe he was the last guy she dated on the show. She also went out with him on multiple dates!

Hollywood has a bad temper, constantly disrespectful to Ashley, and I think he's also immature. Kwame on the other hand seems more emotionally mature, kind, and appears to be a better man for Ashley. Kwame was fresh, new energy that made Ashley reminisce of the old times with Hollywood.

Perhaps being on this reality show Put a Ring On It, caused Ashley to open up her eyes and for her to realize that she can find someone who's right for her. There's no mistake Ashley and Kwame have a strong vibe. I don't believe it's infatuation.

However, I don't think that Ashely should instantly jump into another relationship so soon. I think she needs to heal from her breakup and focus on herself first. I believe this is an important process for all women, especially if you're coming out of a long-term relationship like Ashley.

Therapy is the right approach you need to release all the emotional baggage that you've accumulated from prior relationships. This makes it easier for you to maintain a new, healthy relationship and for you to have fewer issues.

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