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What Does It Mean When a Man Wants Space?

What Does It Mean When a Man Wants Space? This could be something you fear when you're dating a guy you like or someone you see yourself marrying in the future.

During your relationship, your man might tell you that he wants space. You could be wondering if he feels this way because of something you did or said. You could also feel heartbroken that your relationship is coming to an end. Keep in mind, hearing this news does not always mean that he's breaking up with you.

He could want space because he's feeling conflicted about his emotions and does not know how to communicate with you. He could also need space to recharge the relationship he has with you. 

What is the right way for you to react after hearing this news? Keep reading to learn what you should do when your man tells you he wants space.

Don't Argue With Him

It can be hurtful and painful when your man wants space. Your pain might even turn to anger if you feel your man is trying to break up with you. Try not to freak out or start an argument with him. He could be feeling overwhelmed or scared to express his real feelings. Arguing or pleading with him might not be enough for him to change his mind.

Give Him Space

The only way for you to deal with this situation is to give him his space. Respecting his wishes by staying away could be the best solution for you to save your relationship.This is also a way for you to not seem too clingy or desperate. If he feels that creating distance between the two of you is the right thing then you should agree to this request. Remember, it is normal for people to want to be on their own for a while. So, try not to feel insulted. Later on, he might be willing to explain his feelings to you and let you know if he's ready to continue with your relationship. 

Focus On Yourself

Don't be too stressed when you're away from your man. You should avoid thinking that you can't be happy when you're not with your man. 

The truth is, you can continue to have good relationships with other people you have in your life. Make a list of the fun things that you can do with other people. Whether you're away from your boyfriend for a week, two weeks, or longer, you'll have the chance to participate in fun activities that you enjoy.  During your free time, you can spend quality time with your friends at the movies, gym, mall, and other fun places that you like to visit.

Traveling is also another fun activity that you can do with your friends. Fun activities pass the time and help you to keep your mind off the problems you're having with your man. Having a social life with people you love is good for your mental health. It can also help to increase your happiness and quality of life. 

Be Optimistic

Stop  thinking that your man wants to break up with you. Instead, you should try to be optimistic and focus on the good times you had with your man. Don't think that separation from him is the end of the world. This could be a minor phase.

Key Takeaway

Your man wanting space can be a difficult situation. Knowing that the man you care about with all your heart and soul wants to be away from you can even affect your self-esteem. 

Distance could be the most effective solution for you both to  fix the cracks in your relationship. After a certain time when you're apart, you might have the chance to rekindle the romance that you have with your boyfriend.

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