Friday, April 2, 2021

You Don’t Have to Look Like a Goddess to Prevent Him From Cheating

"Oh wow! My babe had her hair and nails done. She does everything for me, so I won't cheat. I'll stay faithful." Do men think this way?


Taking pride in your appearance is important, but this does not prevent a dog from being a dog.  So, let's stop blaming the woman when a guy cheats. A guy's infidelity is a reflection of his lack of discipline, self-control, as well as his sense of entitlement. Did you know that some men feel they're entitled to multiple women?

Men will do whatever they want to do. They cheat because they want to! Period.

1.Your beauty, fancy clothes, loyalty, and submission won't prevent him from cheating.

2. Your femininity will not stop a man who is willing to cheat.

3. Cooking, cleaning etc. won't prevent him from cheating.  

4. Not wearing makeup and being religious won't stop him from cheating.

There's nothing you can do to prevent a man from stepping out. However, you DO have the power to decide whether to leave or stay in the relationship. Step into your power, girl. 

When your boyfriend cheats, you can make a clean break from your relationship.

When you're just dating you have the freedom to restart your whole life. So, there's no need for you to put up with a cheating or abusive boyfriend. It's fun to date and interact with different people. You don't have to feel stuck with someone who's disrespecting you. You can make a hasty exit! You have control of your dating life.

Dating allows you to open up your options, to find out things about the men you're dating. This helps you to identify red flags before you become intimate or too invested in the relationship. 

Dating gives you the convenience to learn as much as you can about past relationships. You get to narrow down your choices and decide which man you should continue dating.

NEVER be a doormat to a man. He's not worth the stress and pains.

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