Thursday, February 25, 2021

How to Get a Shy Guy to Approach You

Do you want to know how to get a shy guy to approach you? Can you remember the last time you've been approached by a shy guy?

Perhaps never.

You may have an interest in a shy guy at your job or a guy you keep seeing at the mall or supermarket. No matter how hard you fight it, you just can't seem to stop thinking about him. The only problem that's preventing him from approaching you is his ***** shyness! 

Confident, good-looking guys will not hesitate to approach you and ask for your number. It's also easy for them to strike up a conversation when they see a woman they're attracted to. Alpha males possess smooth charisma, courage, they're demanding, and don't have much trouble dating women. You may have a history of being approached by alpha males. However, you may lack the experience of interacting with a timid, shy guy. You need to make the extra effort with these reserved guys.

Here's how to get a shy guy to approach you. Start the process in 3 steps.

Always Smile

A friendly, welcoming smile puts a shy guy at ease. This is an important rule you need to remember each time you see each other. You'll scare him away if you're walking around with an angry look on your face. It's easier for him to make a move when you're smiling or flirting with him.

Be Approachable

Focus on your body language. You don't want to appear too intimidating. There are certain things that you could be doing to prevent him from asking you out. Some of these may include giving him a resting b****face, crossing your arms when you're around him, or keeping your head down. These behaviors make you seem unwelcoming. The guy will think you don't want to be bothered and will go further into this shell. 

Dress Appropriately

You look more feminine and classy when you dress appropriately, wear makeup, and have a good attitude. Try to avoid wearing clothes that are not flattering for your figure. When you look your best, you will also feel better about yourself. Show him that you're a great person that he should get to know.

Try Different Tips to Get Him to Approach You

There are some men you don't ever want approaching you in public. However, a shy guy could be an exception and a great diversion in your dating life. Learning how to get a shy guy to approach you is not as difficult as it may seem. All it takes is a few simple techniques for you to get him to open up. So, keep trying if you think he's worth the effort.

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