Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Tips for Dating a Shy Guy

Do you need helpful tips for dating a shy guy? So, you've been dating a guy you like but he's shy to kiss you or too nervous to engage in physical touches and romantic gestures. The guy you're dating could be sweet, kind, and does thoughtful things that make  you feel good. However, the main issue that you could be having with him is his shyness! Can you make your shy guy take the initiative to be more romantic? 

You're probably in the habit of dating alpha males and more accustomed to their take-charge personalities. Dating a shy guy could be more challenging for you. The good news is, there are simple tips for dating a shy guy. Keep reading to learn how you can avoid awkward situations. 

Take the Initiative

Shy guys who lack experience dating women will not be the first ones to make a move. Your guy could be too scared and nervous to give you a loving touch. So, it's up to you to take the lead. Try to be natural and not too pushy. This helps him to feel more comfortable around you and to be inspired to engage in more romantic gestures with you.

Always Communicate

How does he like to communicate? His communication skills could be better when he's chatting with you on the phone, by email, or online chat. He might be more relaxed and comfortable talking to you via text. This could be the easiest way for him to open up. When he's not in the mood to chat in person, there are other ways he can choose to communicate with you. Keep in mind communication via text is a preference for a lot of shy guys, so you can use this to your advantage.

Start Conversations

When you're hanging out with a shy guy, you must start conversations that are of interest to him. You have to make the effort to make the conversation flow smoothly, especially when you're at social events. Talk to him about music, sports, books, videos, and other fun topics. Start conversations that are easy for you to discuss together over dinner, at the park, and other locations. Starting normal conversations is a good way for you to deal with his social awkwardness and to make him loosen up.

Be Patient

If you're an extrovert, try not to force your shy guy to do things that make him uncomfortable. You'll have to be patient and do things at his pace. If you have a strong attraction to him, you should try to take things slow.

Are You In Love With an Introvert? Learn How to Break the Ice

Follow these tips for dating a shy guy to make your relationship easier to manage. If you have developed deep feelings for this guy, you may not want to end the relationship because of his shyness. Do you see yourself with this guy in the future?

Do you think he's husband material? If you feel this is the right guy for you, you'll need to explore different ways to get him out of his shell. 

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